" of the most memorable displays of elegance, style and heartfelt songwriting" Manchester Midweek Music Club

"Haunting melodies that somehow are of this mortal plain yet take you away to ethereal lands as their tendrils envelope you the audience 1... 2... 3... and back in the room." Cabaret at the Carlton

"...a really pure and intriguing vocal and clearly very strong song writing ability. We loved how distinguished [her] style was and this really matched the sound... [Rosie] engaged us and the audience with [her] fairy-tale sequel song writing ability which is just magical." Open Mic UK 

"Beautiful, emotional piano... a superb vocal and excellent diction. Very engaging, [she] could fit into so many genres. Flawless performance... Beautiful lady, loved [her] grace." Open Mic UK

"A fitting end to an excellent night's music at Jamie Knowles' Globe that began with talented local Singer/Songwriter Rosie Arnfield whose positive songs about personal experiences charmed those present. Rosie possesses a fine voice, her song about the memories of her Nan stood out for me...
Live music just doesn't get any better than this." Ian Cripps FATEA

"Rosie Arnfield, your voice, your songs, your fingers on the ivory were all an incredible spectacle to behold! It is very rare the bar is stunned into silence but you managed to put everyone in a deep trance, solely focused on your wonderful music. Nothing else mattered at all, we were all on that musical journey with you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!♥" A Night with Molly May, The Fishpond, Matlock Baths

And from the people of Glossop...

"The support Rosie Arnfield was amazing (with Paul Higham on guitar)...Lovely voice. She almost got an encore and standing ovation in her own right. A great night all round." Mal Robins

"When Rosie started singing the hairs on the back of my neck stood up...what a beautiful voice she has"

"Rosie reminded me of Joy Williams from The Civil Wars"


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